Non-destructive test on polished surface of Japanese sword

Non-destructive test focus on polished surface of Japanese sword

Japanese sword is polished  with special stones by traditional method  to appreciate the beauty of the steel  on its polished surface. There are many special and hidden polishing technique  to show different activities  of the blade.
We must understand “polishing” before understanding the blade itself. However, it is very difficult to determine  by visual examination.
Therefore,  we  try to resolve these issues using the latest technologies to investigate the  polished surface of the Japanese sword.

C14 dating test with NTHK(NPO)

We have been talking with Mr. Ohashi/NTHK about C14 dating test on Japanese sword.
He said that they have the possibility to do it with Tohoku University. We both agreed that it is a very interesting and important research/study for the future of Japanese sword.
We will share our information to move towards to work together.

14th International AMS Conference

Our joint research “Radiocarbon dating of Japanese sword with AMS (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry)” is presented at 14th International AMS Conference at University of Ottawa/Canada on 14-18th of August 2017,
Oral presentation by Emeritus Professor Toshio Nakamura.