Institute for Japanese Sword Craft
is an independent institute for research and study to preserve existing Japanese swords and its tradition .
Our aim to organize a proper research based on scientific approach, connecting scientists and traditional Japanese sword experts with craftsmen can progress the knowledge and understanding for the better future of the Japanese swords.


There is a common misunderstanding in the West about the certification becoming a guarantee of authenticity. This information is shared by many members and leaders of Japanese sword societies, the collectors and the dealers .

The organisation does not take responsibility for the authenticity at the same time warning about multiple fake swords with high certification circulation on the market (and other Shinsa issues)

In his articles Nakahara sensei warns the collectors about blind confidence in false authorities and he advises the collectors to learn how to distinguish the masterpiece from the fake. Nakahara sensei teaches to the collectors how to study logic, proper knowledge and he supports new theories resulted from the meeting of modern science with traditional examination.



When we had announced on FB, that Nakahara sensei would perform Kantei without issuing certification paper, we received many negative comments about it. This shows how big the dependence on the certification system in the West is.

Nakahara Sensei does Kantei only for educational purpose, for collectors to learn and understand own sword.
He doesn’t issue certification, so it cannot be used as a guarantee of the investment in the commercial circuit. Nakahara sensei teaches collectors how to study the sword properly and how to recognise a fake (with certifications).

There are no teachers in the West passing this kind of knowledge. Instead, they advise to “believe” the certifications.

Nakahara sensei doesn’t want people to believe in his Kantei. He says Kantei is only a subjective opinion, which can be verified only by scientific tests.
This is also the reason why our Institute started the scientific research.



At the Seminar of Nakahara and Nakano sensei held in Amsterdam, the fake sword with high certification was presented as an example for the participants to learn about recognising forgery. When we published information about this fake sword bought at the fair in Utrecht, we received negative comments and accusations coming from UK, towards Nakahara sensei and our director.

A member of British Token Society wrote fake rumour about Nakahara sensei or our director being on trial. The chairman of the society clicked “like” to this comment. We confirmed the information about the trial was a lie. Since that time, we have kept asking for the source of the gossip but neither the member nor the chairman did answer.

It is the responsibility of the chairman to verify and stop the spread of misinformation in his society. Supporting the circulation of fake stories is dangerous for the collectors.

We are still waiting for an answer to our inquiry.



The Seminar with Nobuo Nakahara and Takuyoshi Nakano was very interesting and we have received many positive reactions from the participants. Nevertheless, since we started the promotion of the event in social media, we have met with many accusations and critical comments against our Institute and Nakahara sensei himself.
We made a Report to document the most concerning reactions and negative opinions.



The Institute for Japanese Sword Craft is planing to have a meeting with Mr. Nakahara Nobuo and his senior disciple Nakano Takuyoshi, a NBTHK sword instructor in the Netherlands, in October this year.
We will be holding the Japanese sword seminar with them.
Christie’s Amsterdam.
Vondelstraat 73
1054 GK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
12th and 13th of October 2019

Institute for Japanese Sword Craft
Tel : +31 686496251

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We are honoured to announce that we will be holding the Japanese sword seminar with Nakahara Nobuo, one of the top kanteika (connoisseur) of Japanese sword in Japan today, and his senior disciple Nakano Takuyoshi, a NBTHK sword instructor at the viewing room of Christie’s Amsterdam, a beautiful location in city of Amsterdam in autumn of 2019. 

Nakahara’s lecture offers practical and precise, hands-on view to the essence of Japanese sword collecting and appreciation.  
He is giving 20-30 lectures at Japanese sword study groups per year for last 40 years all over Japan.
We have decided to keep these seminars as small groups in order to make them more intimate and meaningful. 

Traditionally, most of the secret knowledge was passed down generation to generation by oral instruction ; this is called 口伝 (kuden). 
This event will be the first time master Nobuo Nakahara’s and his disciple Takuyoshi Nakano held the seminar outside of Japan. 
This present great opportunity to meet and receive expert knowledge direct from the masters. 

Nobuo Nakahara was born in Nara City, 1951.
After graduating from Doshisha University (Kyoto) in 1974, he became apprenticed to sword expert Kosuke Murakami In December 1978.
Kosuke Murakami was a senior disciple of Honami Koson, one of important connoisseur of Japanese swords in history who established “Gokaden” theory.
Nakahara became independent connoisseur following the death of his master, and began to publish a bi-monthly Japanese sword journal (1979 to December 1998) while giving lectures at Japanese sword study groups all over Japan.
in 2001, he published the reference book Oita-ken no Katana (The Swords of Oita Prefecture), followed by Katana no Kansho (The Facts and Fundamentals of Japanese Swords) in 2005.  

<Program Information>

Institute for Japanese Sword Craft” is an independent institute for research and study to preserve existing Japanese swords and its tradition .
* Survey and
inspection of the collection, making report and further research.
* Co-ordinate restoration projects and Exhibitions.
* Translation (ENG-JPN, JPN-ENG).

* Restoration project for Japanese sword collection of the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia
* C14 Radiocarbon dating test (AMS) on Japanese sword
with Eminent professor Toshio Nakamura
Nagoya Univ. Division for Chronological research.

* Radiocarbon (C14) dating test of Japanese sword with AMS (Accelerator mass spectrometry)

Non-destructive test focus on polished surface of Japanese sword

 * Kurihara Nobuhide – The Last Master Sword Smith by Noboru Toyama, 2013
“Aizu 11th gen. Izumi no Kami Kanesada (part 1)” by Noboru Toyama, 2015
* Japanese sword collection of the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia